Our Products

NG-Inves is a known funding leader with a solid track record of financing in private equity funds
over numerous market rounds in the primary, secondary, co-investment markets as well as infrastructure and real assets.  
We aim to provide attractive and reliable returns to stockholders over the extended period,
and at comparatively truncated hazard.

Our investment markets encompass: 


We finance in a novel private equity fund when it is well-known targeting foremost executives and administrators principally in the USA, Europe and Asia with an emphasis on funds seldom accessible in the secondary marketplace. 


We procure the interests of a stockholder in a capital or capitals characteristically late into, or after, the financing period targeting preferred funds at a phase when the underlying assets’ performance is discernable and the resources are realizing investments, recurring cash to
NG-Inves more swiftly.


We finance in a portfolio business straight, together with a private equity capital, during the venture period.

and Real Assets 

We finance in varied portfolios with emphasis on secondaries and co-investments mixing essential functioning assets and development-oriented assets making our thematic investment method across the entire infrastructure and real assets range.


Investment Approach

NG-Inves vigorously handles its portfolio through the cautious choice and acquisition of superior private equity assets in an expanded and well-adjusted portfolio. Acquaintance is balanced across diverse investment phases and eras by financing in prudently and carefully chosen funds functioning in diverse regions of the world, particularly in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia.

Erstwhile to an investment, we classify prospects to generate value and only if we can actually add to some degree will we ensue to procurement. When financing, we go for a rigorous association with administration. And this is at all times founded on clear agreements with administration. The common outlook must be totally clear, this is the only means to attain good and sustainable collaboration. And, in our knowledge, only at that point will we realize and attain a good effect and outcome.

We utilize the following investment measures and standards:

· High competence, resourceful and determined management group;
· Market with organizationally strong development and progress opportunities;
· Value is not the greatest significant purchasing standard for the end client;
· Unassailable competitive situation with uniqueness, competitive advantage, accessible business models and likely to intensify market segment; and,
· Substantial development prospects, independent and / or through buy-and-construct. 


State of Affairs

NG-Inves participates and finances together with innovative effective executives in the following state of affairs:

· Buy-and-construct / union - Fast-track the development and progress of a platform in a disjointed industry through a succession of targeted attainments;
· Globalization - Hasten the expansion of a business/corporation universally;
· Evolution of family corporations / creators - Association in which, with good poise and reciprocated respect, the family / creator partly steps down and remains as (marginal) stockholder; and,
· Business carve-outs - Creating a partition or fragment of a bigger organization more autonomous and permitting it to function more efficiently with more free enterprise.

In most cases, NG-Inves finances together with prevailing administration, but are also open to partnership with endowed executives and administrators who want to commence doing business in one more business and corporation. We aim for a majority position or controlled minority position. We have explicit interest and knowledge in business amenities and niche customer kinds. 

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