Founded in 2004, NG-Inves is a European-based international investment company that supports successful entrepreneurs and management teams in the accelerated realization
of international growth ambitions.


In partnership with management, we invest in healthy medium-sized companies, active in growing markets worldwide, especially in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia.                
We contribute growth capital, support strategic issues and acquisitions and make our international network available.
We are experienced investors in private equity, infrastructure and real assets and private debt. As accountable stewards of our customers’ wealth, we aim to source and implement the best possible private market prospects.

Legacy and innovation come together at NG-Inves allowing us to consider the past while at the same time look to the future. We are at the frontline of ground-breaking private equity ingenuities for the private wealth marketplaces. We function from our office in Budapest, Hungary, with representation in a number of associate offices in other key markets in the regions, especially located in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia. 

Our mission at NG-Inves is to generate sustainably high investment returns through a well-managed, institutional grade portfolio built by investing with the best private equity administrators and executives internationally.

We have a well-established podium built on three strategic pillars of primary, secondary and co-investments, with each offering their own merits.

our objective is subscribing to investments in novel private equity capitals, purchasing secondary interests in prevailing private equity funds, and obtaining direct holdings in unquoted businesses.

At the conclusion of our investment period, through sustainable development, NG-Inves  has turn out to be a greater and sturdier corporation with a vigorous economic future. Discovering a novel proprietor who can continue the development that has commenced is of great significance. In consultation with the administration, we will only ensue to a withdrawal and departure if all is appropriately arranged and we are supple in suitable time.
Our investment policy is to accept a universal investment method with its strategy to lessen investment risk through modification of its fundamental portfolio by topography, sector and investment phase. Since our resources are capitalized worldwide on the foundation, chiefly, of the qualities of individual investment prospects, NG-Inves  does not espouse maximum or minimum experiences to explicit geographic regions, industry sectors or the investment phase of underlying funding.


Why work with us?

We have faith in a robust association and do what we commit. Our investment experts and specialists at NG-Inves have access to a wide-ranging network of professionals. And medium-sized businesses profit from our network of universal knowhow at world level.

Making best use of performance within private markets necessitates profound worldwide knowledge, wide-ranging research, market information and proper risk management. NG-Inves has a knowledgeable senior investment group with an average of 15 years of private markets involvement, buttressed by a brilliant pool of junior investment acquaintances. Together, our group of senior members take a seat on the advisory boards of several private equity resources, which gives us profound and exclusive insight into both the resources it handles and the industry as an entirety.

Financing with assurance and belief, we have an established standing from over 16 years of investment knowledge in private marketplaces. We finance with truthfulness and competence and follow a procedure of vigorous proprietorship and appointment. We pay attention to our customers, then aim to provide investment answers to meet their necessities. 

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